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we now provide facebook virtual bank account (VBA). it’s good working for Facebook advertising bosting service. our virtual bank account easily accepts facebook. we provide the USA good quality bank account for facebook advertising. our bank good working for USA facebook account. if you use our VBA to your ad account then you get it 500$+  Threshold. you can use this 500$+ Threshold per day limit 50$.

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FACEBOOK Ads gets suspended for several reasons. We don’t take responsibility for your account suspension.

The main benefit of FACEBOOK VCC is that it instantly helps to run advertisements over FACEBOOK’s network without having to wait for boring manual account reviews which take long and even so long in some cases. All you have to wait for is the approval of your ads and keywords only which is usually a fast process.

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2 reviews for Facebook VBA 500$+ Threshold

  1. Nicolas Lecocq

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  2. vcchouse

    thanks dear

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